排3和值走势图: Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is it possible to save on name brands?

    All quality manufacturers have great products they must sell at extra-low prices for the reasons listed below. We simply buy the best closeouts, overstocks and 2nds from some of the best manufacturers in the world and pass the savings on to you.

    What is the difference between closeouts, overstocks and 2nds?

    • ? Closeouts: may be last year's model or color – always first quality
    • ? Overstocks: inventory is too high, had to be drastically reduced - always first quality
    • ? 2nds: products contain slight irregularities or barely perceptible blemishes – none of which will affect the fit, performance or longevity of the item. Because Sierra is judicious about the quality of its seconds, SMALL flaws can mean BIG savings for customers interested in value. Most seconds arrive with the item’s label clipped or marked in some way by the manufacturer.

    See more definitions in our glossary located at the bottom of every page.

    What does "made for a major retailer/brand" mean?

    Products with the bullet point “made for major retailer” are purchased from famous name brands and catalogs as overstocks or seconds. To carry their product, we have reached an agreement with these vendors to not advertise the actual brand name. All of our “made for a major retailer/brand” items offer significant savings off their original retail price.

  • How can I determine my shipping charge?

    Our policy is to break even on shipping and handling charges. We base the cost on your total order amount. Typically, a higher order total equates to a heavier package. We understand that there are some exceptions. Using this shipping method, we have calculated that you will pay less dollar-for-dollar in shipping per order.

    We do not profit from shipping charges or inflate the prices of our merchandise to cover the cost of shipping because we prefer a more straightforward approach – keeping both product costs and shipping costs as low as possible. If a company offers free shipping on every order, it is likely that their item prices have been increased enough to cover this very real operational cost. Free shipping is never truly free.

    Can I track my order? I'm wondering about my shipping status.

    Yes. You will need to know your order number to track any order. A track your order link is located at the bottom of each webpage. If you received a confirmation email, the tracking number will be listed there, or log into your accounts page and click the link under Purchases. If your recent order is not in the list, or if no information appears, please wait 24 hours and try again.

    Lost your order number? Contact our Customer Service.

    How do I make a return?

    Within the 48 U.S., complete the online returns process. View all return instructions. International customers, please view our international policy.

  • What does "Almost Gone" indicate?

    If an "almost gone" label appears next to an item, the sell-out risk is very high. We recommend that you place your order immediately. Due to the closeout nature of our products, items in low quantities are not guaranteed until they ship.

    How do I unsubscribe from Emails?

    Click on the "Unsubscribe" link at the bottom of any Sierra email you have received.

    What is a keycode?

    A keycode is an alpha-numeric code (ABC12345) used to apply a specific offer to your order. It is usually found at the bottom of our emails under the disclaimer.

    How do I use a keycode?

    A keycode can be activated by either clicking through the links on an email or by typing, pasting or otherwise manually entering the code into the keycode box during the checkout process. If a keycode has already been activated on your order, the keycode box will state "promo entered".

    Can I use multiple keycodes on one order?

    No. Only one (1) keycode can be applied to an order.

    When does my keycode expire?

    Keycode expiration dates can be found in the disclaimer section of each and every email.

    Can I apply my keycode to a past order?

    No. Keycodes can only be used during the timeframe specified in the email.

    Which item(s) does my keycode apply to?

    Any exclusions pertaining to an offer will be listed on each keycode email. Bikes, bike accessories, boats, car racks, clearance, gift cards and sporting optics are typically excluded from all offers.

    How do I know if my discount(s) has been applied?

    During the checkout process, a list of the items in your online shopping cart will be displayed. If a discount is applied to an item you will see Discount Details near the item. By simply hovering or holding your mouse cursor over Discount Details, a popup box will appear. This box shows you an itemized display of the discounts applied to each item and the price breakdown.

    Why do prices change in my cart?

    Prices in your shopping cart may change if you click through an email, change or remove a keycode in the keycode box or leave items in the cart after a sale expires.

    Why are items removed from my cart?

    If items are left in the cart for several days and you discover they are removed, they may be sold out. There should be a note in your cart indicating we no longer have quantities of that item, though it may still be available in a different size or color.

    The item I put in my cart doesn't have the discount, why?

    If an item does not show a discount in your shopping cart, the item may be excluded from the sale, may not be included in the offer or the correct keycode may not be applied.

    What items are excluded from your promotions?

    Some exclusions apply:

    • Avalanche Transceivers
    • Big Agnes Tents
    • Boats
    • Cameras
    • Capresso Disk Burr Coffee Grinder
    • Car Racks
    • Clearance/Thirds
    • Compound Bows
    • Current 24in24 Items
    • Daiwa Fishing Products
    • Fuel
    • Gift Cards
    • Ground EFX MX100 Digital Metal Detector
    • Lamson/Bauer/Ross/Sage Reels
    • Nuun Tablets
    • National Parks Pass
    • Paddle Boards
    • Saeco Odea Espresso Machine
    • Sage/Schliske/Zebco Rods
    • Select ABC Climbing Hard Goods
    • Select Bikes/Bike Parts
    • Select Burton
    • Select Frye Footwear
    • Select Marmot Sleeping Bags
    • Select Men’s Gore-Tex(r) Products
    • Select Red Wing Heritage Footwear
    • Select Sporting Optics
    • Simms Waders and Wading Boots
    • Sof Sole Insoles
    • Superfeet Insoles
    • Suunto Watches
    • Wolverine 1000 Mile Footwear
    • Other Select Items
  • My size was unavailable on an item. Will you receive more?

    Due to the nature of the closeout business, we often receive items in limited quantities. Therefore, popular sizes and colors can sell out quickly. Occasionally, we are able to reorder a product, but closeout items are typically unable to be reordered.

  • Can I commercially resell items I buy from you?

    Our Resale Policy is as follows:

    • ? Products are intended for sale to consumers for personal, family and household use only.
    • ? Products are not intended for commercial resale by our customers
    • ? We reserve the right to limit quantities
    • ? No Dealers, please
  • How do I place an order online?

    Click here to find out how to place an order online.

    How do I make a return if I ordered online? (U.S. only. See our International return policy .)

    Within the 48 U.S., complete the online returns process. View all return instructions. International customers, please view our international policy.

  • Do you ship internationally?

    Currently our website supports the following 96 countries. If you are on the list, you can place an order with us online.

    The customer is responsible for all extra delivery charges, Duties, Taxes, Customs Fees and any other fees that may be required when importing products into their country. Sierra order totals do not include Duties, Taxes, Fees or VAT, etc. associated with international orders. Contact your local customs office for more information.

    What items cannot be shipped overseas?

    Items that cannot be shipped overseas include knives, rifle scopes, spotting scopes and night vision binoculars (some combustibles may not be permitted. Check with your country's prohibited shipping items, as well as the United States' prohibited shipping items.)

    We cannot ship certain materials and exotic leathers outside the US including: Elephant, Python, Cobra, Western Rattlesnake, American Alligator, Anteater (Pangolin), Antelope, Caiman, Crocodile, Deer, Elk, Frog, Hippo, Kangaroo, Lizard, Moose, Ostrich, Sea Turtle, Shark, Stingray or Toad

    How long will it take to ship my order internationally?

    Shipment arrivals depend on each country. UPS typically delivers within 10 business days.

    Packages being sent to Japan are shipped via USPS and are typically delivered within 15 business days.

    How much does it cost to ship to my country?

    Most packages are shipped via UPS Worldship. Exceptions include packages going to Japan, or some rural areas which are shipped via US Postal Service. View rates.

    How do I make a return or exchange to Sierra if I'm outside the U.S.?

    Please view our international policy.

  • Am I already registered online?

    Just because you get our email/catalogs, doesn't mean you are registered for an account. For security reasons, we keep a separate database to store web registrations. Registration requires that you go through the registration process and choose a password. Registration is optional and is not required for checkout.

  • Call center hours:

    Monday – Friday 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. MT

    Saturday 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. MT

    Chat is available daily from 5 a.m. – 12 a.m. MT

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